Use credit card without getting into debt? These tips will help you!

Convenience, ease and convenience are the three adjectives that describe the credit card. However, quickly, so many qualities can quickly become the worst enemy of your budget when its use is careless.

With that in mind, here is an article that will bring you instructions on how to make proper use of the card, reducing the risks of getting into debt and paying the high interest. Check out.

  1. Read the agreement

Reading the credit card agreement not only keeps you informed about the cost of annuity and fees already specified, but also enables you to compare the services and rates of the competition. Look for the benefits and discounts offered and choose the best option for you. Many banks have their contracts on the internet, be sure to search.

  1. Align the card limit with your salary

Always be aware of the limit of your card, and preferably adjust this limit so that it does not exceed more than half of your salary, with discounts already counted. By doing this you have more control over your spending and avoid the risk of spending more than you can.

  1. Get out of the invoice minimum

Do not pay only the minimum of your card’s invoice, because when you stop paying the total invoice, an interest rate is charged on the remaining amount, which transforms a debt of R $ 100 reais into a debt of R $ 500 in the year.

However, if you can not afford the total debt, look for other alternatives, such as negotiating debt and lowering the monthly installments, or even borrowing money.

  1. Concentrate your purchases

Avoid surprises when it comes to clearing your debts with only one card. Restricting your use makes it easier to organize your accounts and also helps you save money by reducing your annuity rates and others.

  1. Think before you buy

Or simply, do not buy on impulse. Speaking sounds very easy, but it is in practice that it may be tempting to get that product in the promotion, but without any importance to you. If necessary, take a radical approach and let me credit my credit card at home when I leave.

If you still can not be without the card, before actually buying the product, go home and give the period of at least one day to reflect if that purchase really will be useful.

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