Real estate loans of insurers now also with Good Finance promotion

More and more home builders and homebuyers are choosing home loans for loans offered by insurers. In recent years, some insurers in the field of real estate financing have gone right through.

Integrate promotional loans from Good Finance

Especially when it comes to larger loan amounts and potential buyers can offer a good loan, insurers are attractive lenders.

However, insurers have so far had a competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis banks and building societies. This is the lack of opportunity to integrate promotional loans from Good Finance. This is an important point for many interested parties: especially builders do not want to miss this opportunity. As a result, insurers sometimes lost out.

Offer appropriate financing

But this has changed in the past week. Since the end of April, insurers have also been in a position to integrate Good Finance funds into their home finance offerings. According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), there are even first insurers offering Good Finance.

In view of the great potential which this opens up for insurers, other insurers are likely to jump on the bandwagon within a very short time and offer appropriate financing. In general, these are good prospects, after all, this development inevitably leads to increased competition.

Our mortgage lending experts screen the market for suitable mortgage lending

Potential borrowers should therefore seize the opportunity and ask insurers for financing offers. However, it is not to underestimate the associated effort. But the number of direct providers, who are known to offer particularly attractive terms, is already very impressive. Clever prospective customers therefore use our free comparison service: our mortgage lending experts screen the market for suitable mortgage lending, whereby the conditions of numerous insurance companies are automatically taken into account.

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