Online Personal Payday Loan: Know the Reasons to Apply

If you are thinking of extra credit in the market, know the loan at Good finance online now .

One of the main products offered by Good Finance is personal payday loans , a type of loan directed to INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as federal, state and municipal public servants.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to access the loan at Good Finance is online . This operation provides greater convenience since it is not necessary to move to one of the physical agencies.

In addition, it provides greater security for the applicant, as they reduce the possibilities of errors and frauds. This is because there are sites / applications that provide a secure environment for this type of operation to be successful.

Why should I apply for a Personal Payday loan at Good Finance?

In addition to the practicality of online contracting, the loan at Good Finance also provides other benefits for which it is worthwhile to hire personal payday loans.

At Good Finance, the payout of the personal payday loan is automatically deducted from the beneficiary’s monthly salary, according to the assignable margin . That is, only 30% of your income can be used to pay the installments. Thus, Good Finance has a greater guarantee that the debt will be paid, which provides better hiring conditions and lower interest rates.

The interest rates on the loan at Good Finance is one of the most attractive advantages of requesting this loan. They reach a maximum of 2.12% per month , while the overdraft fees are approximately 20% per month.

With personal payday loans at Good Finance, you have flexible payment terms. They are up to 72 months for retirees and pensioners of Social Security, and up to 96 months for public servants.

In addition, you still have the option to anticipate a certain amount of installments or the total amount of debt. In this way, it will repay the debt in a shorter term than expected, and with the lowest total amount.

The Good finance

The Good finance

Good Finance is a financial institution that has been active in the market for financing vehicles, consortiums, credit cards and investments for more than 50 years , with the personal payday loan being one of the most sought after in the financial institution. For those who are retired / pensioner of the INSS, federal, state or municipal public servants, choosing Good Finance is a good option, because it is a safe and recognized institution in the market.

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Now that you know the reasons to apply for the personal payday loan at Good Finance, learn more about simplicity and agility in hiring this loan.

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